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Simple Tips to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair on Upper lip and Chin

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Do you have the pain of removing your body’s hair? You also used hair removing creams even if they have their list of side effects. Are you looking for a smooth and soft skin without hair? Don’t worry, sit at home and get rid of your body hair without pain! You can try out the solutions below:

Tips to Prevent Undesirable Facial Hair!

All women have little facial hair, and it’s not noticeable for many, except eyebrows. But if you see yours more easily than you want, there are many ways to get rid of it. They include home removal, all – natural methods and more advanced options that can permanently remove it. Know the advantages and disadvantages of this sensitive area in choosing the right approach. Want to reduce the growth of hair all over your body? Here are a few foods you should eat a lot more of additionally:

  • Spearmint – Spearmint has proven to help reduce the levels of free active testosterone in your blood, which means that excessive facial hair growth could be effectively prevented. Drinking 2-3 cups of spearmint a day would help combat hair growth.
  • Spinach –All leafy greens contain magnesium, but spinach provides 79 mg (20 percent of your DV) in just 100 grams. Studies have linked magnesium deficiencies to increased insulin resistance, so not getting enough magnesium can lead to hirsutism. Eat more spinach to avoid this problem! The food you eat can help control facial hair growth, so adding these foods to your diet is very important.
  • Balance your hormones naturally – To revitalize your body, you must adopt a holistic approach, which means a process of elimination (detox) and intake (nutrition). You must also get rid of the root of these problems, which is poor diet and chemical use in birth control forms, cosmetics, fragrances, etc. The first step is to stop the consumption of soy, milk, and meat and instead remove chicken or merely switch to products without hormones. Next, to get rid of those harmful toxins that cause your imbalance is to undergo a full body detox. Third, you will need to start eating more nutritious foods containing a variety of vitamins and minerals-nothing specific, or you risk further imbalance. You should begin taking green smoothies that can provide a balanced nutritional intake, such as adding Irish moss, bladderwrack, moringa, hemp, and spirulina to a fruit smoothie.
  • Lowering testosterone through diet and herbs – You can start eating more foods to drive testosterone down. Flax, quinoa, hazelnut, bananas, raw plantain, garbanzo beans, and hemp seeds are some of the foods you want to implement in your diet. Some herbs can also help balance the female hormone system, including Shatavari (asparagus), saw palmetto, white peony, calendula, the mantle for ladies and chaste berry tree. Since some of these are bitter, instead of drinking, you may want to put them in a pill. But you can try it out.
  • Scrubs – Certain scrubs like apricot honey scrub help to curb unwanted facial hair in women.
  • Medications – Birth control pills also prevent facial hair growth.
  • Creams – Certain creams act as hair growth inhibitors and curb facial hair growth.
  • Turmeric – Turmeric hair removal is popular as there are compounds in it that aid in removal of facial hair growth.
  • Honey and Lemon – Honey with lemon juice is mostly used to get rid of upper lip hair.
  • Epilation – This is a mechanical method of aiding in female facial hair removal.

Sugar and Chamomile Tea Wax:

Chamomile tea is not only good for health, but it also helps in treatments for beauty. What you need: Sugar, tea with chamomile (powder or tea bag), water, stick.

  • Take chamomile tea and steep it for a while in boiling water. Now put the solution into the filter.
  • Take half a cup of tea and dissolve 2cups of sugar. Place on the heat and cook for a few minutes.
  • Once the mixture cools down, apply it with a popsicle stick to the affected part of your upper lips.
  • Leave it on for some time and then remove the upper lip hair using a waxing strip.

Baking Soda:

Another remedy that works very well to remove upper lip hair is baking soda and the combination of turmeric. But this paste will make your skin a little dry; we recommend using a moisturizer later if you have dry skin.

  • Mix 2 parts of baking soda with 1 part of turmeric, add enough water to make a paste of thin consistency and apply the mixture to the removal area. Allow the mixture to dry, then remove the baking soda and turmeric mixture by gently rubbing with your hand or a small, dry towel. Once the dry mixture has been kneaded away (and your unwanted hair with it), rinse the orange color off your skin. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

Lemon and Honey Mask:

Lemon acts as a cleansing and exfoliating agent that removes dead cells, dirt, and impurities from the area. Honey softens the hair with its moisturizing and hydrating properties. The mixture of honey and lemon is sticky that effectively removes the facial hair. Both have antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent irritation and breakout of the skin. It also lightens your skin and smoothens it.

  • In 4 tablespoons of raw honey, add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Stir well and spread as a mask throughout the face.
  • Let it stay for about 15 – 20 minutes and gently remove the mask with a clean cloth soaked in warm water and dry your face.
  • Continue this mask for 2-3 times a week until all your facial hair is completely removed.


Sugaring is a natural treatment for both facial and body hair removal. In contrast to waxing, the hair must be pulled in the direction of hair growth, which causes less pain and skin irritation. Curiously, this technique was established in Egypt centuries ago.

  • In a pot, heat a cup of water. Add 2 cups of granulated sugar and 1/4 cup of lemon juice.
  • Continue to heat the paste until there are bubbles. Turn heat to low – medium and cook for about 25 minutes until it is dark amber in colour.
  • Turn off the heat and cool the mix.
  • Prepare your skin by dusting a small powder of cornstarch or baby powder on your skin and spread the mixture on your face in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  • Put a clean strip of rag or cotton over the sugar paste layer and let it remain for a few minutes.
  • Finally, quickly pull it off towards the direction of hair growth.

All the TIPS described above are assembled from the experiences of the people around the world and hardly have any side effects, but every skin is different. So please try the remedy on a small portion of the surface before applying to the whole face. If any reaction or irritation occurs then kindly discontinue and consult your doctor.

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