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Flabby Chest: 9 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Chest Fat for Men

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It is not easy for men to target and get rid of chest fat easily. It is one of the common problems faced by men. The reasons for chest fat accumulating are either due to excess fat, foods and junk or underdeveloped muscle tone. Although it is not an easy task to get rid of chest fat, one can focus on targeting the fat through exercises to burn fat in the chest and healthy diet. Patience, time, targeted workout plan and diet can lead to successfully get rid of fat in the chest.

Read this article to understand the best exercises to get rid of chest fat for men in days and few lifestyle tricks which can help you better with dealing and targeting the same.

Tips To Burn Men’s Breast:

You can speed up and aid with fat loss in the chest area by making dietary and healthy changes in your lifestyle and habits. They can help boost up your efforts and work wonders. Few of the tips for a healthy lifestyle includes,

  • Diet and exercise both are essential for our body. One cannot do without the other. While you do the above-mentioned healthy exercises, make sure you have a balanced and nutritional diet every day.
  • Cut down on junk. Junk and baked foods tend to put on fat near chest areas for men. Keep a count on what you eat every day.
  • Get sufficient rest every day. Just as exercise is important, insufficient rest can also make you gain weight. You can take rest one day a week from exercises and have good sleep for seven hours every day. Do not be sleep deprived at any cost.
  • Eat regular and do not skip meals. All the meals in a day are essential. What matters is how much and what you eat, not the number of times.
  • Choose whole grain and millet foods than carbs. Cut down on carbs and high-calorie content foods. Have good fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich and protein-rich foods every day.
  • Have daily meal plans and make it a habit to have the last meal of the day four hours before you sleep.

Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs:


Push-ups are the most popular and prominent exercise in the workout regime of several gym enthusiasts and workout freaks. They help to strengthen the back and abs area by focusing on chests. They tone down the muscles to a great extent. Although they are not easy to perform, once inculcated in the workout regime, they are great in improving the posture and flexibility well.

  • Lie on the ground on a mat
  • Slowly focus on back and ab muscles and lower the chest to the ground
  • Push back up to the starting and original position
  • Place palms flat on the floor
  • Repeat it for 15 to 25 times and slowly increase as your stamina builds as time passes

Bench Presses:

Bench presses help a lot in getting rid of fat accumulations near the chest area for men. They help strengthen the chest muscles and abs tremendously and are great to improve stamina and posture. They help target fat effectively in days. Since they are not easy to do, it is better to start performing this exercise under guidance at first.

  • Lie flat on one’s back on a bench
  • Grab the bar or dumbbells at shoulder width
  • Pull the shoulder blades together and arch your back prior to lifting the bar/dumbbells
  • Gently lift off the bar or dumbbells and take a deep breath
  • Lower it down to your chest
  • Keep your elbows at 45-degree angle as the bar comes down
  • Repeat the same for 15 reps each, three sets.

Dumbbell Pull-Over:

This exercise is also prominent and well known among many workout enthusiasts. It helps greatly to strengthen and tone down the muscles beneath the chest. It also improves posture and stamina of the body.

  • Lie flat on the workout bench
  • Hold a dumbbell straight over the chest at arm’s length
  • Be careful so that weight should not fall on you. Wrap your thumbs on the bar
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell overhead and towards the floor
  • Keep your arms straight all the time when you lower dumbbell
  • Start with lower weight dumbbell so that you understand how it operates and you get habituated to the exercise
  • Do three sets of 10 reps each for at least four days a week

Incline Bench Dumbbell Press:

This exercise is well known to provide pressure on your upper part of the chest and abs. it helps reducing chest fat fast through strengthening the muscles and toning them down. It forms on the muscles and improves stamina in days. All you require for doing this exercise is an inclined bench, possibly at 45-degree inclination for a better workout.

  • Sit on an incline bench at 45 degrees and hold medium-weight dumbbells in your hand
  • Hold them with a regular grip
  • Pull them up and down slowly
  • Do not forget to breathe in and out deeply
  • While bringing it down, reach until shoulder level and move slowly to feel the stretch
  • Do three sets of 10-12 reps each

Stair Stepping – Cardio:

Cardio workouts are always good for the overall health of the body. Stair stepping is one popular forms of workout routine which help build upon overall muscles focusing on legs, calves, and chests. They help build the strength and tone the muscles down. Further, they work greatly to improve the stamina.

  • Be it easy, jogging way or sprint style, stair-stepping is always a good way to build muscles overall
  • Inculcate this in daily workout regime and do the stair climbing or stepping for fifteen minutes
  • Changing the pace and mixing it all up is good as well. All you need to do is change the pace once in a while and slowly increase and decrease for better results.
  • Do this exercise and inculcate it in an exercise routine for four to five times a week for effective results


Pull-ups are an effective way to get rid of chest fat and side chest fat for men in the body. Although they are not easy to perform, they are most trusted by several fitness lovers as they are very helpful and effective to get rid of chest fat. They help work wonders and build upon muscles and abs and tone them down. Further, they work to improve posture and core muscles. Get it into your workout routine and see the results on how well you can achieve a lean physique through this workout.

  • Fit a pull bar to your home. It is easy to find in most of the fitness stores
  • Move to the side of the pull bar area
  • Start from the bottom, and slowly move and pull up with your hands, shoulders and arms
  • Lower yourself slowly and gradually
  • Repeat it for 5-10 times at beginner level, as per comfort level and depending on your stamina
  • Slowly you should also increase the reps as you build your position

Cable Cross:

Cable cross is a popular workout form to strengthen the muscles near the chest area and tone them down. They help burn out the fat through toning muscles underneath the arms and chest region. They help to increase metabolism and improve flexibility in the body in days.

  • Set up pulleys above the head
  • Set weight resistance low at first and slowly one can increase
  • Stand backside straight and slowly draw both pulleys towards you
  • You should try to bring them all the way until arms cross an X shape
  • Repeat as many times as you can possibly do. Increase the weight as you can get comfortable gradually.
  • Make sure you do not strain your back muscles while doing this exercise.

Jumping rope:

Nothing like skipping every day and inculcating this in the exercise routine! It is a natural form of workout aiding for burning fat over all. Working on jumping a rope for fifteen to twenty minutes can do wonders. They are old school but are favourite for several sports people for a reason! It helps greatly to work on muscles around the chest area and strengthening the core. It helps in building a physique. It also helps to improve stamina and build on the muscles naturally, further increasing metabolism and heartbeat pace.

  • Get a rope for skipping
  • Make sure to perform a session for fifteen minutes
  • Do it at least for four or five times a week for effective results


One can also choose to inculcate a variety of workout exercises every day. Running is one of the best and natural ways to build stamina strengthen the muscles and core and improve flexibility. It helps to increase the heartbeat pace and metabolism in our body. It further promotes on the overall fat burning and hence aiding for burning fat near the chest area for men as well.

  • You can choose to run every day as it works great with strengthening muscles in full body
  • Increase and reduce the pace as per you wish and as you are comfortable accordingly for every few minutes
  • Inhale and exhale deeply while running

Exercises for Chest Fat men

It is not impossible to lose chest fat for men, although it is difficult and needs regular exercises. One can effectively and in no time burn out extra fat near the chest area through regular workout routine and healthy dietary changes. With time and habit, one can achieve the goal soon. All you require for yourself is time, patience and a positive attitude.

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