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Flabby Arms: 9 Best Exercises to Reduce Arm Fat at Home

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Flabby arms are as bad as the heavy tummy. They make you look older. Our favorite sleeveless clothes cannot be appreciated with underarm fat. The whole physique can be ruined with just those flabby arms, but don’t worry; we have a ready solution for you. This article will help you with tricks and exercises one can incorporate to get rid of all those fat arms and excess fat in the arm area.

Flabby arms are mostly caused due to skin elasticity as age increases and second cause that is most common is caused due to fat accumulation in those areas. So if you are in search of toned arms, then the best way is to work on exercises, which can tone down the fat and build lean muscle. So let us get to know the best exercises which can burn the fat in arms in days.

Diet Tips to Reduce Flabby Arms:

Apart from the above-mentioned exercises and workout to follow, few lifestyle changes can boost on quickly toning down the arms and over all weight in your body. Here are few top tricks one can depend on for getting rid of flabby arms quickly.

  • Keep count on your calories. Do not binge eat, keep a track of your consumption.
  • Cut down sugars and eliminate them completely. High sugar content is very bad and injurious to health. They cause flabby arms. Do not have bottled or canned drinks rather have normal fruit drinks at home without sugar
  • Do not skip breakfast. Wholesome and proper breakfast can do good to your body.
  • Have a good amount of proteins, they do good to you and keep you full for longer periods of time. They help you avoid junk foods too .
  • Have a regular exercise regime; do not miss out on the workout sessions. Exercise for at least five days a week.
  • Drink lots of water, they help flush out toxins and unnecessary salt from your body.
  • Sleep well. Rest and sleep is very important for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Cut down junk and baked foods. They do harm to your health and makes you put on weight easily.

Exercises to Reduce Flabby Arms:


Push-ups are quite a favorite and well known among the workout regimes of gym goers. Fitness enthusiasts adore this work out for the wonders it does to the body through busting fat in several areas. They are well known to work with fat in arms, waist and belly areas. They help in improving posture and promote flexibility through toning down the arms and back. They help strengthen the muscles. They are not one of the simplest of exercises but yet are very effective to reduce fat in the arm areas.

  • Place a mat on the floor and lay on the mat
  • Slowly focus on back muscles
  • Lower the chest to the ground
  • Push back up to the original position
  • Make sure your palms are placed flat on the floor
  • Focus on the point that you are pushing up with help of palm and feet only without keeping stress on others.
  • Repeat it for 20 times at least
  • You can also choose to slowly increase as your stamina improves

Bent Rowing:

Bent rowing is a common yet very effective form of workout to tone down arms and the related muscle areas. They help build muscles by reducing the fat in arms and lower arms. They tone down the muscles and strengthen the areas. Further they also help to improve flexibility in our body through this regular workout.

  • Stand straight and keep your legs shoulder width apart
  • Grab a dumbbell or barbell with palms facing down
    Bend forward
  • Slightly bend your knees and keep back straight
  • Head should be pointed up and make sure your torso is parallel to the ground
  • Keep elbows close to the body and breathe out.
  • Pull the bar towards chest below your ribs. Exhale slowly.
  • Squeeze your back muscles and hold for a bit.
  • Lower the dumbbell/bar to starting position around the knees
  • Repeat the same for ten to fifteen reps.

One Arm Side Push Ups:

One arm side push-ups are the next level progress after normal push-ups. They are difficult to achieve yet very effective to get rid of flabby arms. They help target the arm muscles by reducing fat and strengthening the muscles. They also strengthen the core and improve stamina in our body in days.

  • Lie in the side ward direction
  • Bend knees
  • Place left arm on the right shoulder
  • Push your torso up with help of the right arm on the ground. Palm should face up
  • Switch the sides and repeat
  • Do ten reps on each side.

Windmill Moves:

This is a common form of exercise which is also done to warm up the body in several instances or before workout regime begins. They help make the arms flexible and reduce the excess fat in the arm areas. They tone down the arms and improve the posture.

  • Raise arms in front of you at shoulder level
  • They should be parallel to the ground
  • Raise arms upwards and rotate them backward and down
  • Rotate the arms front again in 360-degree motion like a windmill
  • Repeat the same for 20 times each side
  • This helps to build strength in the upper and lower arms and muscles.

Arm Stretching:

Arm stretching helps interlocking triceps through interlock the hands. The stretches help to tone down the muscles and in turn, getting rid of fat around arms. They also help improve flexibility in the arm areas in days.



  • Raise hands and place them above your head
  • Hold right wrist with the left hand and left wrist with your right hand
  • This is interlocking both the hands
  • With right hand, start pulling left hand towards the right side so that left elbow falls behind the head area
  • Take your arms back to center slowly without releasing the wrist interlock
  • With left hand, pull right hand towards the left side so that the right elbow falls behind the head
  • Again slowly release and pull, take hands to center.
  • Repeat this for 20 reps each side.


Pull-ups are favorites for several gym lovers. They are an effective way to get rid of back fat in the arm areas. Although they are difficult for many, they are very effective to flush out and get rid of arms fat. They help strengthen the core and tone down the arms which also improve flexibility in the body. They help get lean and toned down arms quickly and effectively.

  • Fit a pull bar to your home. It is easy to find in most of the stores and can be fitted at home
  • Starting with the bottom, move and pull up
  • Use to pull up with your hands, shoulders and arms
  • Lower yourself slowly down
  • Repeat it for 5-10 times at beginner level and you can increase the pace slowly


Planks are quite a common exercise to get rid of fat in arms and belly area. They lay stress around those areas and hence is greatly followed by several gym goers and exercise fanatics. They help to get rid of fat through strengthening the muscles and toning them down. They also help to improve the posture and stamina of the body.

  • Place your both the elbows on the ground level
  • Also, place your legs and hips resting on the floor. Be in a relaxed position.
  • Raise the lower part of the body above the floor at first
  • You should make a straight plank position
  • Lower again and repeat the same exercise again
  • Do this exercise for few minutes

Weight Lift:

This is standard exercise most of the fitness experts recommend to tone down arms and upper part of the body. Although this helps overall weight and core strength in the body, it helps build up the arms and get rid of the fat. It strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility and stamina.

  • Standard pair of weights are required for this workout.
  • Stand straight with shoulder feet apart
  • Hold weights in both hands
  • Lift them above the head and pay close attention to your arms and forearms, should be straight
  • Lower the weight slowly and gradually behind your back
  • Hold it for few seconds and lift the weight above again over your head
  • Keep your arms as close as possible to the ears
  • Do three sets of 20 reps each. Rest for a minute or two between each set.

Triceps Dips:

Triceps dip is another popular form of workout to focus on arms and strengthen them. They help give pressure on arms and strengthen them. This exercise helps hence to tone down the arms and improve flexibility.

  • Find a bench or chair for doing this exercise.
  • The bench or chair should be 2 feet at least higher than ground
  • Sit on edge of the bench and place arms behind you or at the corner of the seat
  • The distance between arms should be shoulder width apart
  • The back should be upright and sit at the corner or edge of the seat. Legs should be stretched out in front
  • Hold this for few seconds and inhale exhale deeply.
  • Straighten arms and push your body up (do not sit on a chair)
  • Do three sets of 20 reps each

Having toned arms is not which came through birth or naturally but rather you have to create it. It takes time, commitment and perseverance. Exercising every day will help you tone down the arms and makes you concentrate on your goals. All you need is following a regular and healthy lifestyle and you are all set to celebrate with your favorite sleeveless or strapless dresses for your next event!

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