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9 Tips on How to Get Rid of Muffin Top Fat

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The muffin top! It’s that place where all the stubborn fat is stored in our body. It affects all our choices of clothes and lifestyle and makes our options less. Most of us started accepting the fact of the muffin top and live with it. We all know how annoying and at the same time difficult it is reduce and get rid of the muffin top. Women complain about it the most, and men suffer from the same. The solution, however, is there. Yes, it includes the right diet and best exercises to get rid of muffin top totally. You can be amazed at how quick the transition can be once you can successfully inculcate the healthy lifestyle and exercise routine.

Here are top exercises that can help you burn out the muffin top fat effectively and quickly in days.

Tips on How to Lose Muffin Top Fast Female:

Apart from the above-mentioned exercises, one should make sure that the right diet and balanced one is always taken. As always and often stressed, there is nothing like a balanced and healthier diet and lifestyle to get rid of fat in one’s own body. Here are a few tips which can boost up and speed up the process of getting rid of muffin top.

  • Diet correctly. Have a lot of veggies and fiber food. Lean protein and green leaves help tone down the body. Low carb foods are required to boost up the process.
  • Avoid booze for now. Nothing like the calories they add to your body and store in the form of fat. It holds on to the fat cells and sticks like glue.
  • Reduce stress levels and have mental peace. Mitigating stress really helps oneself to focus on a healthier lifestyle
  • Cut down on salty foods. Drink more water and flush out salt from your body. This reduces the fat stored near the belly and muffin top areas.
  • Do not sit at a place for long. Move constantly and be active. Move around every few minutes rather than sticking to a computer or be at a place for longer periods of time.


This exercise targets the abdomen and helps flatten the belly and reduce muffin top. It is a great strength move and also stretches for the lower back. It helps improve flexibility and tone down the lower abdomen area. It also strengthens the core and stabilizes your midsection of the body.’

  • Lie on your back and place your arms next to your side
  • Place legs pointed straight into the air above the hip area
  • Press lower back onto the mat and make sure that your abs are tight
  • Raise your right leg up and lower right leg again slowly, lower left leg in the same manner
  • Switch between left and right leg
  • Do 15 reps on both the sides
  • Make sure you don’t go very fast hurting your lower back during the exercise
  • Move and raise the legs slowly

Push Through:

This exercise almost works like crunches through hands rigorously. It helps you effectively burn fat in the abs and muffin top area through the heavy movement of muscles with high intensity of exercise. It strengthens and builds up the core muscle and in turn tones down the abs area of your body in days.

  • Lay flatly on the floor and place your hands on the side
  • Lift your legs through bending your knees and let your feet touch the ground
  • Work your abs through pushing hands through and past your knees
  • Make sure you place your head up and you are pushing towards your bent knees
  • Repeat the same for 30 reps

Hip Lift:

This is yet another good exercise to the abs and muffin top region which helps through strengthening muscles. It further helps in developing and toning down the deep abs. It suits best for those with back pain as it is less stressful with the back. It strengths the main core areas in the body and helps improve the posture of the body. It also further stabilizes the movements.

  • Lie down flat on the ground
  • Pull your navel near to the spine
  • Inhale deeply and gradually
  • Exhale slowly and lift your hips above the floor
  • Legs should be straight up pointed
  • As you push your legs up to make sure that your hips should leave the floor
  • Head should be resting on the ground while you perform the above steps
  • Inhale slowly and lower your hips down the ground
  • Legs should slowly return to the position
  • Repeat for 12 times
  • Be gentle with neck and hips while performing the exercise.

Leg Raise:

Leg raise is another prominent and effective form of exercise which helps on to build core muscle. It promotes to shape the muscles around the regions of the muffin top and help get rid of fat through strengthening them down. It tones down the muscles and works on promoting flexibility around the region effectively. You can begin to see the results within two weeks time once you begin to inculcate this in your workout routine.

  • Lie flat on the ground
  • Make sure your legs are placed straight
  • Lift the legs up when they are straight towards the ceiling
  • Buttocks should come off the ground
  • Now, slowly lower your legs back down.
  • Make sure your legs are still above the ground and hold on for few seconds
  • Raise your legs back up again
  • Repeat the same exercise for 20 reps.

Reverse Crunches:

Reverse crunches are an effective form of workout which can help target fat near muffin tops apart from the belly fat and fat near the middle section on the whole. They are a variant of crunches which promotes to increase strength, tone down the muscles and increase the metabolism. It further helps to tone down your belly through direct impact due to its intensity. It shapes your abs and lower part of abdomen effectively in days.

  • Lie down flat on the ground.
  • Be in a crunch position and place your feet flat on the floor and hands behind your head
  • Pull in your stomach to lift your feet off the floor
  • Press your lower back.
  • Keep knees together and bend them to a 90-degree angle
  • Pull your knees slowly into the chest
  • Slowly lift your shoulders off the floor
  • Lift your head and shoulders above the ground slowly and gradually
  • Slowly and gradually lower down your hip, shoulders, and legs.
  • Stop when your feet are above the floor
  • Repeat these steps once again
  • Repeat this exercise to 15 reps each
  • Make sure you place to head and neck comfortably to avoid neck pain

Toe Touch:

A toe touch is another popular form of exercise which is simple yet very effective to reduce fat near muffin tops. The flexible moves help strengthen the core and tone down the muscles. Inculcating the same in daily exercise routine makes your exercises effective to burn down fat in muffin top areas.

  • Stand straight and still
  • Make sure there is some space in front of you and behind you
  • Bend at the waist region and make sure your legs are straight
  • Let your upper part of the body hang down in front of you in this way
  • Let your arms and hands hang down as well
  • Hold on for 20 seconds
  • Repeat the same for 20 reps

Rolling up:

This exercise works on multiple levels. It helps improve your abs, tone down thighs and also hips. It strengthens the muscles near your abs and muffin top and tones them down.

  • Lie down straight on the back
  • Your hands and legs should be placed straight
  • Keep your arms and make them reach overhead
  • Lift your arms and head slowly off the ground first
  • Begin to roll up slowly through sitting
  • Focus on the abs so that they pull inside towards the spine
  • Roll back on the ground slowly
  • Make sure again your hands reach overhead
  • Do not rush up
  • Moving slowly will control your abs work out
  • Repeat the same for ten to fifteen reps in a set and do two sets.

Bicycles Movements Exercise:

Bicycle exercise is another effective form of work out which can promote to get rid of muffin top fat around the area in addition to other fat areas like abs and belly regions. They help to target fat through the bicycle movements and strengthen the core and muscles. It further helps to tone them down and work wonders through promoting posture and stamina in the body. Inculcate this exercise in your routine for effective weight loss exercises.

  • Lie down on a mat. Lie down flatly.
  • Place your hands beneath your head or on the ground as per your convenience
  • Lift both the legs slowly off the floor
  • Bend the knees gently
  • Bring first your right knee to your chest side
  • Make sure to keep your left leg away
  • Take away your right leg and bring in the left knee towards your chest in a close manner
  • Keep continuing this actions such that you are peddling a bicycle
  • Repeat this same set for 30 reps
  • Make sure to be gentle with movements to avoid leg pain.

High Knees:

Do not ever think the simplicity of exercise is a measure to reducing or getting rid of fat. This exercise, as simple as it may seem will help in getting rid of muffin top very effective. It not only helps shape the legs but also burns down fat cells in muffin top regions. It is a form of strengthening exercise, which not only tones down the body and builds the core but also increases stability and corrects posture.

  • Stand up straight and make sure your feet are hip width apart
  • Place your hands facing down the floor
  • Drive your right knee meeting your right hand and bring the right leg back to the ground
  • Immediately bring left leg knee your leg hand
  • Alter the knees. You may start to do in hopping motion as you start altering the knees
  • Your abdominal muscles are engaged as your knee meets your hands

Given above are some of the best exercises which will help you shape your body and tone down your muscles. They help get rid of the extra fat stored effectively. Follow them and include them in a daily workout routine for quicker results. Remember, nothing is easy and simple, these exercises even though may look easy and simple will have an effective impact on your muffin top fat.

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