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Homemade Remedies to Remove Tan from Face, Lips and Neck

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Summers can be a lot of fun! In the warm and sunny weather, you can go basking on the beaches under the sun, fishing or just having fun with friends, but unfortunately, within a couple of days, the undesirable result is visible – a tanned skin. Dark tan lines, which could be accompanied by itching or burning sensation or even sunburns, can ruin your summer. We’ve put together the best tan removal home remedies to help you get rid of that nasty tan. Let’s look at the best way to remove tan from face, lips and neck.

Some Tips to Prevent and To Remove Tanning:

Sun tan is one of the most sought after topics that prevent you from getting out in the sun and ends up marring your long-awaited summer vacation. It is common to get a tan from the scorching sun especially during summer. Don’t worry! Here are some tips for removing tan from the face, lips and neck and for you to feel protected when you’re out under the blazing sun.

  • You must apply SPF 50 sunscreen lotion or blocks, lip protection and eye creams if you have a long exposure time in the sun. If you can’t get this lotion then one must try to get at least SPF 30 or more.
  • Apply sunscreen even in cloudy weather when you’re out and use it every 2 hours. It is best to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before stepping out into the sun.
  • Instead of using makeup-based cream, some mineral-based ingredients should be applied.
  • During summers, drink at least 15 to 20 glasses of water a day. This prevents the skin from turning dry and keeps it hydrated and glowing. Eat healthy, fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits.
  • Wash your face with fresh water 3-4 times a day. You can also use a face cleanser, but don’t overdo it, it’s recommended to use only twice a day.
  • Wear protective clothing, UV-protected sunglasses and take other accessories such as sun hats and parasols when out in the heat of the sun. When exposed to the sun, cover your face, hands and legs. If you spend time exposed to sun or swimming, you need to apply protective creams.
  • You have to clean your skin and hair with fresh water after swimming in chlorinated water, else this can worsen the tan.
  • Choose cool showers rather than warm showers.
  • When you’re out in the sun, avoid applying perfumes as it can make your skin more prone and more sensitive to sun heat.
  • To remove the suntan, use natural cleaners. Rosewater, milk, potato, tomato and lemon are some popular cleaners. It is beneficial to use a herbal toner to remove tan and dirt from your skin. You can try rose water if you’re looking for a tanned lips remedy. Rosewater has several healing properties that can work well to soothe your lips and moisturize them.
  • Use water-based moisturizer in the day during summers so that the skin can get enough moisture to stay healthy and glowing.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon is acidic and is rich in both citric acid and vitamin C. This helps make your skin tone lighter. In addition to free radicals, vitamin C can neutralize the damage caused by UV rays. Lemon is also an excellent solution for learning how to remove tan from the face, neck and lips thanks to its natural bleaching properties. Follow these methods:

How to cure sun tan using lemon juic

Method 1:

  • Apply fresh lemon juice to the affected area of your skin. Let it dry for a few minutes; later wash it off with water. Repeat this twice a week OR

Method 2:

  • Lemon juice and sugar is a sure shot answer on how to remove lip tan. Blend a small amount of lemon juice with some sugar and apply it to the skin/lips. Repeat this method for good results 2-3 times a week. Sugar is a great cleansing agent that assists lemon juice in sun tan removal.
  • Regular use of lemon juice on the tanned parts can show a visible difference in just a week, though you might need to use it for a month or so to get rid of tan completely.


Thanks to the beneficial enzymes it has called papain. This yellow-coloured fruit can help you get rid of sun tan. Papain has great skin-lightening properties that can reduce the suntan-caused blemishes, scars and redness. Papain also purifies irritated skin and treats it. A good papaya facial massage is excellent for people who usually spend their time outdoors as it can fight free radicals that age their skin. Other papaya enzymes are known for exfoliation, renewal of the surface, and restoration.

  • Mixing papaya with honey will not only remove suntan; it will also moisturize your skin and soften it. Take the steps here: mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half a cup of ripe papaya pulp that is well mashed
  • Apply it to your affected skin for about 30 minutes before rinsing with water. Use once a week, for a month.
    Within a month you can see your tan disappear from your skin.

Milk and Saffron:

This combination is a natural face tan remover. Using raw milk and saffron together is the most luxurious way to treat your skin with a beauty elixir and hence it also is known as the best way to remove tan from face. This face pack not only removes the suntan and pigmentation but also nourishes, lightens and gives good radiance to the surface. This home remedy not only provides a tan-free skin but also acne-free and fairer skin in a few days.

  • Soak some strands of saffron in raw milk overnight. Apply this milky pack to your face, lips and neck. Let the pack dry. Wash with cold water.
  • You’ll experience a soothing smell, a lighter skin, a soft and smooth feel to your skin.
  • This pack also serves as a great moisturizer and lotion.
  • Repeat it every alternate day and you can have your naturally glowing skin back within just days.


this is just what you need, a natural soother if you’ve come back from a trek with a very bad suntan. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and a natural astringent that can help to lighten the tone of your skin and for tan removal on the face.

How to treat sun tan using Sandalwood-

  • You’ll need 1-2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder, water or rose water. Add enough water to the sandalwood powder for a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the areas tanned. Leave it on until it dries and rinses with water afterwards.
  • You should use sandalwood on alternative nights until the desired results are obtained.
  • With regular usage, you can see a visible difference in the tan within a week’s time.

Milk and Turmeric Mask:

Milk is abundant in fatty acids and vitamins that help feed the skin. The milk’s bleaching and smoothing properties help remove sun tan and because of its anti-tanning, antiseptic, and healing properties, turmeric removes suntan. This is an excellent remedy for tan removal from the neck.

How to treat sun tan using milk and turmeric mask-

  • Mix in a 5:1 ratio of milk and turmeric to form a fine paste.
  • Apply the mask and let it dry on the affected area.
  • Use warm water to rinse. Apply this mask once every week for best results.
  • This mask can help you get rid of sun tan completely within a month.

All the home-remedies described above are assembled from the experiences of the people around the world and hardly have any side effects, but each skin is different. So please try the remedy on a small portion of the skin before applying it to the whole area. If some reaction or irritation occurs then kindly discontinue the use and consult your doctor.

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