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Tips to Prevent Premature Greying of Hair in 7 Days

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Premature greying of hair is known to be one of the most vexing outcomes of the modern day lifestyle. One might expect to see those first strands of greys in your 40’s, butalas when you suddenly spot them while you are still in your 30’s, nothing can be more worrisome as you very well that soon more will follow. It is natural to send one into panic and we start hunting for remedies to prevent premature greying of hair naturally. If experts are to be believed then today’s premature greying is more common than even common cold and cough. Here are some of the most common causes for the premature greying of hair and also some natural home remedies to reverse greying of hair.

What leads to Premature Greying of Hair?

The exact cause of premature grey hair is still to be known, but here are some of the main causes that lead to early greying of hair.

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency – Melanocytes are the cells that are responsible for giving our hair its color and for them to produce pigment, Vitamin B12 is essential. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 hampers the capacity of melanocytes to produce the color-producing pigment which results in greying of the hair.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Studies have shown that when our hair produces too much of hydrogen peroxide (which it produces naturally), it can lead to greying of hair.
  • Genes – Heredity has a strong link with premature greying. If your family has a history of premature greying of hair, then there is a huge possibility of you having grey hair sooner with no real fault of yours.
  • Nutritional deficiency – If your diet lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals required for good hair and skin, then it can lead to early greying of the hair.
  • Medical conditions – Some medical conditions such as anaemia, thyroid, etc. can also lead to grey hair at a young age.
  • A hectic stressful lifestyle can also play a major role in inviting the premature greys and make them appear sooner than expected.
  • Smoking – It has been proven with studies that smokers face a higher chance of developing premature greying than non-smokers.
  • Usage of certain perfumed oils can also lead to the appearance of premature greying as they contain chemicals which in turn can cause greying.
  • Loss of pigment in hair follicles can result in grey hair.
  • Some autoimmune disease can cause premature greying of hair.

Tips to Prevent Premature Hair Greying:

Curry leaves and Coconut Oil:

You can hardly find a person who is not aware of the benefits of coconut oil. It is a natural conditioner for the hair that also aids in regrowth of the damaged hair and when you add curry leaves to it what you get is a highly beneficial concoction. This is because curry leaves are rich in vitamin B and also aids in restoring the pigment melanocytes and thereby preventing the hair from further greying. Massaging the scalp with curry leaves infused coconut oil is said to be a full proof method of maintaining those dark tresses. Here is how you can make the curry leaves infused coconut oil.

  • Take 1 cup of curry leaves and boil it in 1 cup of coconut oil for 6-8 minutes.
    Allow it to cool.
  • Massage this oil into your scalp regularly and within a month you will find your tresses going darker than they were earlier.

Ribbed Gourd and Olive Oil:

Ribbed gourd is widely used to restore hair pigment and enriching the hair roots. On the other hand, olive oil offers deep nourishment to the dry and damaged scalp and restores the pH level of the hair follicles and repairs the sun damage to regain color. A combination of ribbed gourd and olive oil acts as a tonic for the hair. This is how you can make it at home.

  • Dice cut the ribbed gourd into small pieces and sun-dry it.
  • Dip the sun-dried ribbed gourd in olive oil and let it soak for 3-4 days.
  • Now boil this oil until the color changes to dark black.
  • Massage your scalp well at least twice a week to see magical changes to your hair.

Tips for Premature Hair

Henna and Egg Pack:

Henna, which is widely used to color hair also aids in curbing the premature greying of hair. Henna and an egg pack along with curd can help in strengthening the roots as well as checking the premature greying of the hair.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of henna in a bowl of containing raw egg.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of curd into it and whisk it well to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply this mixture on the strands as well as the roots and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Wash it off with warm water.
  • Repeat twice a week for best results.

Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, iron and lysine. These nutrients not only prevent premature greying of hair, but also makes the hair strong and shiny. It also prevents scalp dryness.

  • Soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight.
  • Grind them in the morning with enough water to get a smooth paste.
  • Apply this paste on the scalp and leave it for an hour.
  • Wash your hair with a mild sulphate-free shampoo followed by a conditioner.
  • In addition, you can also add fenugreek seeds to your diet to see faster results.

Cleansing the Hair with Shikakai:

Shikakai is known to be a brilliant hair cleanser. It cleanses the hair thoroughly and prevents premature greying of the hair. This is how one can use shikakai for the hair.

  • Take 4-5 shikakai pods and grind them finely.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of sour curd and mix it well.
  • Apply this mixture on your hair and let it stay for 30 minutes before you wash it thoroughly.

The remedies mentioned here have been tried and tested over the years and have proved successful in curbing the growth of grey hair at a young age. They are strong enough to reverse the already present grey hair and prevent new ones from turning grey.

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