5 Best Homemade Cures for Constipation in Adults

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If you don’t want to use store purchased medicines to relieve constipation, you can try a few home remedies. Constipation occurs when passing a bowel movement is harder than usual. It’s usually not harmful and happens to everyone in their lives at some point. Relief can be in your home just around the corner, so take a look before heading to the doctor.


Fennel is well known as a natural galactagogue (promoting the production of breast milk), but it is also very useful in the treatment of digestive and respiratory conditions. A rich source of volatile oils is fennel seeds; studies show that there are a total of 28 compounds in fennel seeds. Many of these oils promote gastric enzyme production as well as prevent the spread of unhealthy intestinal bacteria interfering with the digestive process. Fennel seeds are effective constipation home remedies. They also treat indigestion, syndrome of the irritable bowels, and bloating.

How to Reduce Constipation Using Fennel:

  • Roast a teaspoonful of seeds and add them to a glass of warm water for constipation using fennel as a natural cure. Wait for a few minutes to drink the water and eat the seeds. This remedy is a mild natural laxative that ensures healthy intestinal movements.
  • As to how much fennel tea is safe to drink, there is no recommended daily limit because fennel tea affects digestion, start with one cup at a time and see how your body reacts to it.


Triphala is a three-component churna–Indian gooseberry (amla), black myrobalan (harad), and Belliric myrobalan (baheda). This Ayurvedic formulation acts as a powerful natural laxative by enhancing digestive enzyme secretion and stimulating the contraction of the gastrointestinal tract smooth muscles. Scientific research on the advantages of constipation Triphala found that Triphala polyphenols inhibit the growth of unhealthy gut bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria at the same time. Triphala is a herbal mixture that works for constipation effectively. It is considered to be permanent constipation treatment.

How to Prevent Constipation using Triphala?

  • Take 2 – 3 Triphala tablets with warm water before going to bed.
  • Use this remedy for approximately 2 months.

Lemon Honey Water:

This is probably the best remedy for constipation. Take some hot water, add lemon juice and honey. Lemon is a stimulant for the digestive system and can help remove toxins. Honey cuts the sour taste, and some researchers think it’s a mild laxative. For two reasons, you can also use some salt instead of honey: salt is rich in magnesium, which promotes bowel muscle contraction, and secondly because it helps to flush toxins from the stomach and small intestine.

  • Warm some water and add approximately 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey or a pinch of salt.
  • Drink this mixture for a week every day to relieve constipation.

Prune Juice:

Prunes and prune juice are often praised as a remedy for constipation by nature – and for a good reason. Prunes contain a natural laxative sorbitol in addition to fibre. It is a sugar alcohol with a laxative effect. Studies have shown that prunes can be better than fiber. So if you are constipated and thinking of what to take for constipation, prunes may be the easiest available natural solution. Prunes are rich in fibre, making the stool voluminous and easy to pass. They also contain dihydroxyphenyl isatin that speeds up the function of the colon. There are also important vitamins and minerals and antioxidant properties.

  • Drink a glass in the morning and a glass in the evening.
    Instead of drinking the juice, you can also eat some prunes.
    Doing this for a day will relieve constipation immediately.
    Let the first glass of juice pass through your digestive system. It works well for one in the morning and for some in the evening. If there is not enough gap, excessive prune juice can cause diarrhea.


You will receive 4 grams of fiber from a cup of traditional oatmeal. Like all high – fiber foods, oats contain a combination of insoluble and soluble fiber, but they are renowned for helping to reduce cholesterol and reduce diabetes risk. Oats make a perfect breakfast for you. Oatmeal offers the best of both worlds of fibre. Half a cup of dry oats contains 2 grams of insoluble fiber and 2 grams of soluble fiber. Insoluble fibers add bulk to the stools and help food to pass through the stomach and intestines more quickly, while soluble fibers dissolve in water and form a gel-like material. The two fiber types work together to bulk up the stool, soften it, and make it pass easier.

  • For an extra fiber boost, top with raspberries, or if you have an insatiable sweet tooth, try this peanut butter cup of oatmeal.
  • Have oatmeal for about 2 weeks to get rid of constipation.


Spinach, is one of the best fiber-rich foods to treat any disorder of the digestive tract. You may not get super – strong forearms like Popeye, but having a cup of spinach juice daily would work as well to solve your problem with constipation. Greens like spinach, sprouts from Brussels and broccoli are rich not only in fiber but also in vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. These greens help to add bulk and weight to the stools, making passing through the gut easier. One cup of cooked spinach has a fiber content of 4.3 grams, or 17 percent of the daily intake recommended. It is full of fiber (a cup of cooked spinach has 4g) and contains magnesium, a mineral that can help move stools, doctors say. Magnesium is often found in laxatives, but it is a less extreme option for most people to incorporate it into your diet.

How to avoid Constipation using Spinach?

  • Try adding spinach to your diet to a quiche, soup or pie. It is possible to use raw baby spinach or tender greens for fiber to boost salads or sandwiches.
  • Have your greens daily to avoid constipation.

While many people prefer not to speak about their bathroom habits, it is essential for good health to identify your daily bowel patterns. It is necessary to remove toxins from the body to function at their best. Try these easy tips to get things moving if you’ve been struggling in this area and don’t be shy to speak to your health care practitioner about your bowel movements. This area of the body also deserves support and care, so don’t forget about it! Do you think these tips were useful? Then please share them for the benefit of others. Also, share with us in the comments below your other tried and tested home remedies about remedies for constipation.

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