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Calf Fat: 9 Best Exercises to Slim Down Fat Calves

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Who does not wish to wear shorts and skirts to flaunt their shapely legs during vacation and beach holidays? We get you. Disproportionate legs shape with thighs and legs along with calves is a common issue and concern faced by many women around us. But don’t worry we are here to help you out. We have a perfect solution which can tone down the lower legs and calves area. With the exercises mentioned in this article, your calves can get into shape as quickly as one can imagine.

Flabby Calves: Exercises for Fit Calves-

While there are several exercises which can help to tone down the leg and calve muscles, these are best exercises which can help long and slender muscles which can contribute to making your legs appear slimmer and well-toned.


Squats are prominent and popular exercise among many fitness enthusiasts. This helps to tone down and get rid of fat in several parts of the body, especially focusing on the lower part of the body such as buttocks, hips, and calves. They help tone down the body and muscles through strengthening the muscles and core. They further help improve posture and you can see results in days. You can start to see results from three weeks’ time.

  • Stand straight with feet apart, hip-width
  • Pull both your arms and place them parallel to the floor. You can also choose to hold dumbbells with your hands.
  • The spine should be straight
  • Inhale and exhale
  • Slowly push your butt backside
  • Keep both chest and shoulders straight
  • Squat down slowly
  • Focus on butts and knees that they are line with the feet
  • Squat until your hip is lower than the knees

Repeat the same for 15 reps, three sets every day and you can begin to notice wonders within few days.

Stair Climbing:

Stair climbing is a popular workout for cardio lovers. They help immensely to lose buttocks fat and reduce fat around calves’ muscles. Stepping up or stair climbing is one such exercise which is being admired for the results it can bring in. Further, it focuses and helps to work on toning and shaping the muscles down through getting rid of fat in days. Further, they help improve posture and stamina too.

  • Go on to long stairs and get ready to begin your step climbing workout
  • Firstly start with ease and in few seconds shift towards jog position
  • Then in sprint run style, go ahead and climb fast
  • Switch on to the easy, fast and medium mode for every thirty seconds
  • Inculcate in the routine for exercise
  • Work on this for twenty minutes to twenty-five minutes
  • Repeat it and inculcate it for four to five times a week for quick results

Jumping Rope:

Skipping or jumping rope every day may look like an old school workout and exercise form however it is widely followed in several workout routines for fitness lovers. They help to work on overall weight loss however works wonders for lower legs and calves muscles area. They help strengthen the muscles down and tone them down. They improve stamina and help on getting curvy legs.

  • Get hold of a skipping rope
  • Do the skipping routine and session for fifteen to twenty-five minutes every day
  • Repeat this exercise four times a week for better results
  • This helps to reduce calf fat in days
  • You can begin to see the results through lean and fit physique within two weeks’ time

Plie Calf Raise:

Plie calf raise is a popular workout for those who solely want to focus on strengthening calf muscles and get rid of fat near calves. This helps to tone down the muscles and bring them on to shape. Further, you can begin to start noticing the results in days within two weeks’ time.

  • Stand straight with legs kept wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Squat down and keep back straight
  • Extend hands before you or place them on hips
  • Raise your heels and balance body with the help of toes
  • Lower heels a bit and raises the back to the original position
  • Do 12 reps and repeat for three sets.

Calf Raise with Dumbbells Seated:

The calf raises with weights exercise helps to work on calves especially to get rid of fat around the area and build muscles. They help strengthen the muscles and work on toning them. You can begin to see results within two weeks’ time with quicker results on your way.

  • Hold a dumbbell and sit on a chair or stool straight
  • Place feet on the ground
  • Place handles of dumbbells on your thighs above your knees
  • Point elbows out slightly and keeps the spine straight
  • Legs should be shoulder-width apart
  • Keep balls of feet on the ground and raise heels slowly
  • Hold this pose for a couple of seconds and lower heels to the floor


Another popular and prominent workout for working on the lower part of the body is lunges! They help to tone down the legs and calf muscles and get them into shape by getting rid of fat around the muscles. This works wonders and are popular to tone down and strengthen the muscles, build them and improve the posture in the body. You can start to notice and witness the results within two weeks from the time you begin doing this exercise.

  • Stand still.
  • Place your feet apart, parallel to the shoulder level
  • Place hands on hips or you can even choose to carry dumbbells during the exercise
  • Step a foot forward and keep toes pointing towards the forward direction
  • The knee should be straight
  • Drop the knee back slowly and gradually
  • Bend front knee at first
  • Later, drop until your thigh is kept parallel to the floor
  • Push the body backside with the help of front knee
  • Now switch the legs on both the sides in order to repeat on another side
  • Do 15 reps each side at first and you can choose to gradually increase once you are habituated

Calf Raise:

Calf raise is one of the popular workouts and simple one which can give wonderful results in no time. It helps to simply work and focus on calves slowly by toning the muscles and strengthening them. Further, it helps posture and stamina improvement.

  • Stand straight on the floor
  • Place feet wide apart
  • The chest should be brought out
  • Shoulders should be rolled back
  • Place hands on waist. You can even choose to carry dumbbells
  • Raise both your heels and balance body with balls of feet
  • Hold for a couple of seconds in the position and lower heels slowly
  • Repeat this for 25 reps, three sets.

Plank with Knee Dips:

While we all know how planks work wonders in our body to aid weight loss attempts, plank with knee dips helps tremendously to focus on calves and lower leg areas. They help tone the muscles around calves down and strengthen them. Further, this exercise will help to improve the stamina of the muscles and bones around the area. You can begin to witness wonders within ten days’ time once you inculcate this in workout routine daily.

  • Get into elbow plank position at first
  • Flex your right knee first and touch the floor with it
  • Bring back to plank position
  • Flex left side knee and touch the floor with it
  • Repeat the same again simultaneously
  • Do 12 reps and two sets for better results

Jump Squats:

Jump squats are another variant of squats which help you work and tone down leg and calf muscles immensely. They promote improved posture and flexibility by getting rid of fat around calf areas.

  • Stand straight and place legs shoulder-width apart
  • Place shoulders rolled back and chest out
  • Push buttocks out and bend knees
  • Get into a squat position
  • Lift hands up above head and jump
  • Land on the floor softly and gently
  • Repeat for 15 reps and three sets and you can begin seeing results within two weeks’ time

How to Get Slim Calves:

While the above-mentioned exercises will help you to work on the calf fat and tone on the muscles around the area, you also need further tips and tricks to augment this effort and promote a healthier lifestyle with nutrition-rich diet habits. Few of the most recommended tips here hence include the following.

  • Avoid and eliminate fattening foods like processed foods, baked and fried foods along with junk foods. Do not binge eat them and try to eliminate them totally from the diet for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Have a lot of fruits and vegetables which will help promote weight loss and slim down on accumulated fat around several regions in the body.
  • Do not keep too much resistance on calves; they are not good and healthy. Rather do moderate resistance and cardio training at first.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as your calf muscles may look bulky.
  • Avoid late-night eating. Do not eat just before you sleep.
  • Have six to seven litres of water. There is nothing like what water does to our body and healthy lifestyle.

In case you want it, you can do it. Losing calf fat and promoting slender legs are not as difficult as you may think, all you need is to promote a healthier lifestyle and follow regular healthier diet and workout routines. Once you inculcate the above-mentioned exercises and diet in your daily life, you can begin to see wonders within weeks’ time. Go ahead, set a goal and achieve it.

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