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Stomach Fat: 9 Simple Exercises to Reduce Hanging Tummy Fat at Home

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Are clothes feeling tight? Are you annoyed due to all the fat around your belly area? Then this article may be just the one for you. Reduction in belly fat is not the only for looking good, but it is also unhealthy in several ways. It may be a risk for diabetes and heart diseases as well. You need to undergo certain lifestyle changes and exercises to tone down your belly and look fit. They are also good for your long term goals of healthy life and fitness. Included the below-mentioned exercises in your daily routine as this may seriously help you to tone down your belly area and reduce fat quickly in days. After all, it’s just not only diet which helps, but lifestyle and exercises which will have an impact on your fat regions.

Here is a list of top exercises which can help you burn the belly fat in your body.


The number one position to reduce and burn fat in belly areas always and often goes to crunches. They are so effective to burn out all that excess fat in the belly. They build endurance in the belly muscles and strengthen them. Power in the belly muscles increases and helps to tone them down through crunches. Through building muscles, they increase your strength and stamina of the overall body.

  • Lie down flat on a mat first
  • Keep feet on the ground and knees bent
  • Lift your hands from the floor
  • Place them behind your head
  • Inhale slowly and deeply
  • Lift your upper torso off above the ground level and exhale deeply
  • Inhale as you get down and exhale as you lift up
  • Do this 10 times at beginner level only
  • Gradually increase the intensity
  • Repeat for 2 sets
  • Always take precaution to not jerk your head while doing crunches. This may result in severe back and neck pain and also try to hold your hands above your head when you do the steps of exercise

Bicycle Moves:

Bicycle exercise is another effective form of work out to reduce belly fat and target fat around the area. It helps target fat around the belly area and strengthens the muscles. It tones down the muscles through the constant bicycle movement of legs hitting the target spot heavily. Inculcate this exercise in your routine for effective weight loss exercises.

  • Lie down flat on a mat placed on the floor
  • Place your hands beneath your head or on the ground as per the convenience
  • Lift both the legs from the ground level
  • Bend the knees slowly and gradually without sudden movements
  • Bring your right knee first to your chest side and keep your left leg away
  • Take away your right leg
  • Bring in the left knee towards your chest
  • Keep continuing this way as if imagining that you are peddling a bicycle
  • Repeat this for 30 reps slowly to finish the cycle


Planks are a well-known exercise and are great to strengthen the core muscles in the body. It helps to target the belly area with its focus and work wonders in days to show results. It further helps improve flexibility and stamina in body.

  • Lie down on the ground
  • Stomach should face the floor while lying down
  • Place hands on floor at shoulder level
  • Raise the body and support body with palms and toes
  • Remain in the position for one or two minutes
  • It helps increase endurance in the body

Rolling Planks:

Rolling plank is another popular form of exercise to target your abdomen and fat around the belly. They help strengthen the muscle around and tone them down. It targets belly, hip and lower back area with its intense moves and high ranging forms in days.

  • Position yourself on the ground
  • Place your knees and hands resting on the ground
  • Look forward and place your neck aligned with your spine
  • Lift your knees up
  • Support your legs on toes
  • Contract your knees and keep breathing
  • This is one plank pose and stay in the posture for around thirty seconds
  • Start moving to and fro which is rolling plank exercise
  • Further, lie on the floor sideways and support yourself through right elbow and right leg.
  • Elbow should be perpendicular to shoulder, and left leg and elbow should be above right leg
  • Keep knees straight and make sure your hips do not touch the ground
  • Hold the position for thirty seconds.
  • Repeat other sides too
  • Rolling plank is a strenuous exercise and do not hold your breath in between. This may cause nausea or dizziness.

Reverse Crunches:

Reverse crunches also help target your belly fat in particular. This is similar to another form of crunches exercise but helps increase your metabolism through intensity ranges. It tones down your belly through direct impact due to its intensity. It also helps shape your abs.

  • Lie down on the ground
  • Be in a crunch position with feet flat on the floor and hands behind the head
  • Pull in your stomach for lifting your feet above floor
  • Make sure to press your lower back.
  • Keep knees together only
  • Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle slowly
  • Pull your knees inside the chest area
  • Lift your shoulders above floor
  • Use your abs in order to lift your head and shoulders slowly (not your hands)
  • Slowly lower down your hip, shoulders,and legs. Stop when your feet are above the floor
  • Repeat the same moment
  • Focus on stressing the abs
  • Repeat for 15 reps

Captain’s Chair:

This exercise requires a chair. It is an intensive form of workout exercise, which helps target your hip, lower back,and belly. It strengthens down the muscles in the area and tones them down. It targets abdominal muscles in particular.

  • Sit on a chair
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and spine straight
  • Keep both the hands beside you with palms facing downwards by the side of hips
  • Inhale deeply first
  • As you exhale slowly, bring both legs upwards such that the position where knees are close to the chest
  • Hold for five seconds
  • Make sure you do not arch backward
  • Bring down your legs slowly and repeat again
  • Do it for 30 reps

Lunge with a Twist:

Lunge twist is an effective form of workout which will help to work around strengthening the muscles around belly area and the core. They help also to further tone down the muscles around the region and promote stamina. The flexibility associated with the exercise will start showing the results in days, from a week to ten days span of time.

  • Stand straight and keep legs hip width part
  • Keep the knees bent slightly
  • Lift hands in front of you and align them parallel to the ground
  • Lunge forward, that is, take big step forward with right leg and sit down as if you are on chair so that knee can be bent 90 degree from the floor.
  • Try and hold exercise or gym ball on hands for weight. You can also choose to hold dumbbell.
  • Left leg should be backwards, which should be supported by toes.
  • Do not bend spine
  • Twist torso to right and then to left
  • Repeat this for 15 reps.

Stomach Vacuum:

Stomach vacuum is one of the popular low impact exercise which gives prominence for breathing. It helps tone down the muscles and work wonders in days.

  • Go down backside on the floor and on fours
  • Support your body with hands and knees
  • Inhale deep
  • Exhale slowly and tighten abdomen muscles
  • Hold on to this position for around fifteen seconds to thirty seconds, as much as you can
  • Repeat the process.
  • If you are suffering from ailments in heart or lungs, do not perform this exercise
  • Do this only with an empty stomach.


Burpees are great and popular workout for focusing on belly, core and legs areas. They tone down the muscles and build lean muscle effectively. They further works through strengthening and shaping the muscles. Further, they aid a lot in improving the posture of the body. You can start seeing the results in ten days.

  • Stand straight and place feet to the shoulder width apart
  • Place arms by the sides and push hips back and knees bent
  • Lower into a squat position at first
  • Place hands on the ground before you
  • Gradually you should shift weight to them
  • Jump back slowly to land feet in such a way that you are in the plank side position
  • Again jump feet forward and try for landing outside your hands
  • Reach up side
  • Jump off above into the air
  • Lower into the squat position again
  • Repeat for eight to ten times

Exercise Ball:

Exercise ball helps in a great way to tone down the muscles near mid-section of the body. They help in stabilizing posture greatly and work like magic to strengthen the core areas and tone the muscles down. They strengthen the area and improve position a lot. One can see results within two weeks’ time if inculcated regularly.

  • Lie on ball
  • Lower back should be supported there
  • Feet should firmly be on ground
  • Place hands behind head or on chest
  • Lift torso upside
  • Lower back down slowly
  • Make sure ball is stable here
  • Inhale and exhale deeply as you do
  • Do two to three sets with 12 reps each

Twist Crunches:

Twist crunches although looks like normal crunches are great way to get rid of belly fat in drastic manner. They help effectively to reduce the tummy size and get rid of the belly fat. One can start noticing the results as soon as possible within a weeks’ time as they help strengthen the core and tone muscles down.

  • Lie down on floor
  • Hands should be behind head
  • Bend the knees and keep feet on floor side
  • Lift upper torso but make sure to lift right side shoulders towards left side with twist
  • So here left side of torso should be on floor
  • Do alternative side
  • Repeat for ten to twelve times

Side Bending:

Side bending helps in a great way not just as a stretching exercise but also in toning down side muscles and strengthening them down through. They help to improve posture and help work on the side areas to get rid of fat completely out near the belly region.

  • Stand straight on feet
  • Keep hands on sides
  • Legs should be apart and bent towards right first
  • Bend as much as possible till you feel a strain
  • Right hand should be on hip and stay like this for few seconds
  • Return to normal
  • Bend left and repeat same
  • Alternate between both

Side Crunch:

Side crunches are another variation of crunches. They help and work like wonder on side area of body in mid-section and tone muscles down. They strengthen the core and improve posture and position. Although this may seem easy to do, it takes time to work on the same. If you inculcate this in daily routine, you can start seeing results in days.

  • Lie on floor flat
  • Place hands behind the head
  • Bend knees
  • Keep feet on floor
  • Tilt shoulders on same side unlike the twist crunches here. That is lift torso and tilt left shoulder to left side
  • Legs should tilt along with shoulders
  • Do it for fifteen times


Jogging has always been one of the traditional methods to reduce fat all over the body. It has high impact to reduce belly fat in particular. Jogging helps to reduce stubborn fat and melt it gradually. It is particularly very efficient if you make it part of your lifestyle routine.

  • Inculcate jogging in your daily routine
  • Do jogging for 20-30 minutes in a day
  • In case you can, try inculcating weight training along with jogging for quicker results.
  • Several times a week will show effective results in no time


No other exercise can be as efficient as walking. Several medical associations have stressed the point that a long walk can do wonders to overall fitness and healthy life. While they may not be targeting a particular spot in the body, it helps to reduce belly fat tremendously. This exercise helps increase your metabolism rate and heart rate as well. This helps reduce calories and burns them away at a faster level. It is a good workout for beginners.

  • Inculcate walking in your daily routine
  • Do a 30-45 minute’s long brisk walk every day
  • Increase the intensity and increase it continuously
  • Do it for at least five days a week


You can also try and help your body to not get fixed to a particular workout routine and hence you may choose to have a run day once a while in the weekly schedules. Running helps increase your heartbeat pace and increase metabolism. It helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and fitness overall and is good for fat burning all over the body.

  • A half an hour to forty-five minute run can do wonders to the human body
  • Increase and reduce the pace accordingly
  • Always remember that a long run can do wonders


Swimming is a good cardio form for the human body. It targets belly fat by increasing metabolism and toning down the body. This strenuous workout helps to strengthen the muscles through faster movements of body parts and tones them down.

  • Have a swimming routine in your workout regime once a while in a week
  • You can even choose to do every day
  • A 45-minute swimming routine can reduce your belly fat quickly, and you can see wonders

Simple exercises to reduce belly fat

Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat:

Apart from following the above mentioned simple yet effective exercises to reduce your belly fat and burn it down, you need to make a few lifestyle changes for an effective and healthy body for longer term.

  • Eat right. Do not take a lot of carbohydrates. Inculcate a balanced diet and a healthy one. Have a lot of nutrient-rich food and good proteins. Avoid fast foods.
  • Drink lots of water. There is nothing that water cannot do. Depending on weight and lifestyle, one needs to drink six to eight glasses (big) of water every day.
  • No to sugar. This is very important for weight loss and fat burning as such. Reduce sugary drinks and foods. Cut down on the sugar and if possible eliminate it completely
  • Include fat burning foods. Have a lot of ginger, onion, and garlic. Warm water and lemon juice help increase your metabolism rate as well.
  • Increase vitamin C, this helps convert fat into energy and helps stay fit.
  • Do not skip breakfast. The secret to reduce weight or burn fat is never being hungry. Have healthy foods as always
  • Get good sleep. Adequate sleep is important or else it may lead to weight gain according to several types of research.

There is never a magic remedy to reduce belly fat as such immediately. Burning down belly fat is possible through a healthy lifestyle and diet along with daily exercise routine. Make sure you do not skip down the exercises every day, and you can lose out all belly fat as quickly as you can. Effort and perseverance are all that you may need but adopting such strategies will help you succeed in achieving your goal efficiently and healthily.

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