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Waist Fat: 9 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Fat around Waistline

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Fat deposits around your waist line are difficult to lose. They are stubborn fat, which may impact your lifestyle, dress sizes,and health. Heavy waist size is also associated with diabetes and heart diseases. Reducing fat in the waist area can be challenging and competitive, however, is good for a healthy lifestyle. Body generally tends to naturally store fat in that area however there are exercises which can provide a ready solution for you. These exercises help strengthen your body, lose excess fat, and tighten your muscles around the stomach. They help define your waist through stronger core and toned abs in days.

Know more on how to reduce those extra inches of waist fat and exercises to get rid of waist fat quickly and effectively at home.

Exercises to Lose Waist Fat at Home:

Russian Twist:

Russian twist is one of the most difficult yet very effective exercises which can deliver results within days to reduce waistline and waist fat quickly. They help build posture, improve metabolism and increase the stamina in the body. They also promote stability through strengthening the core muscles.They shape and tone down the muscles near the waist.

  • Get seated with knees to the ground
  • Place your feet flat on the ground
  • Hold your hands both in front of your chest. You can also choose to hold a dumbbell or ball
  • Make your abdomen tight and lean backside slowly
  • Lift feet few inches above the floor
  • Slowly twist the torso towards the left side and bring in the hands beside your left hip
  • Return back to the original position
  • Repeat the same to right.
  • Turn your torso near to the right and bring your hands towards right hip in order to complete one rotation
  • Do 12 reps that is, 6 reps both side

Bicycle Crunches:

Bicycle crunches are yet another most useful and effective form of workout to reduce waist fat and belly fat. It helps work around and focuses on the fat around the area and strengthens the muscles including core. It tones down the muscles through the regular and continuous bicycle movement of legs hitting the target spot heavily. It helps to improve the core through increasing stamina.

  • Lie down flat on the ground or on a mat
  • Place your both hands beneath your head or on the ground as you wish
  • Lift your both legs above the ground
  • Bend the knees slowly and gradually
  • Bring first your right knee to your chest side and make sure to keep your left leg away
  • Now take away your right leg and slowly gradually bring in the left knee towards your chest
  • Keep continuing this way
  • Repeat this for 30 reps at least


Planks are another well known and prominent form of exercise among gym and fitness enthusiasts which can help to reduce love handles and belly fat. They are popular and followed and relied upon in the present day workout regime. They help target the fat around the waist and lower abdomen area, through hitting the core muscles and strengthening them. They also help improve the posture of the body in days.

  • Place your elbow on the floor straight
  • Further place your legs and hips resting on the floor
  • Raise the lower part of the body above the floor
  • Make a straight plank position
  • Fold your other hand when your one hand/elbow is on ground
  • Lower again
  • Repeat the same steps in similar way, again
  • Do 15 reps each side

Triangle Press with Dumbbell:

Triangle pose exercises are great for stretching the hamstrings and sides. They are known to bust fat near waists and sides. They burn the waistline and side belly fat effectively through strengthening the area and building on the muscles. They help flexibility and promote posture improvement by strengthening the muscles and toning them down. You can also choose to add dumbbells for a more effective form of workout if you can.

  • Stand on floor
  • Place your feet apart equal to shoulder level
  • Point both your feet towards sidewards.
  • Your left foot should be leftward and right should be towards the rightward side
  • Hold a dumbbell on one of your hands
  • Slowly start with the right hand and use a heavyweight dumbbell
  • Straighten the right arm slowly
  • Simultaneously move towards sideways
  • Make sure now to bend your left side
  • At the same time, touch the floor with the left hand
  • Without disturbing the same position, go as low as possible
  • Keep your back and spine straight
  • Do minimum of fifteen reps
  • Make sure to change the sides

Side Bend with Dumbbells:

Side bend is another common form of exercises to tone belly and waistline fat. They help in the lower part of the body fat through toning them down. The dumbbell can be added to increase intensity in the exercise to reduce and hit fat effectively. They work well through improving stamina and toning the muscles. The tissues are directly affected in this exercise which can eliminate side fat instantly.

  • Place dumbbell in both the hands
  • Stand straight and still on floor
  • Place your feet wide apart as much as possible
  • Bend from the waist area on leftward side as low as possible
  • Place your arms on the overhead arch position
  • The other arm should be down
  • Straighten up to normal
  • Repeat the same alternatively
  • Continue the same with 20 reps on both sides


Squats are another popular form of workout form to reduce waist, hips,and thighs. They are well known to build strength and increase the core stamina in our body. They help tone down the muscles and increase posture too. Squats although are considered as one of the difficult exercises helps build muscle and aids in weight loss heavily.

  • Stand on your feet and place feet slightly at a distance as much as hips
  • Make sure your toes are pointed outward
  • Put your arms parallel to the ground or catch them together
  • Keep spine straight
  • Now breathe in slowly and push your buttocks backside
  • Keep back straight and chest, shoulders up
  • Focus on your knees as you continue to squat down and keep your knees on a line with feet
  • Squat until your hip is lower than knees
  • You can even choose to go deeper than this if you can.

Curtsy Curl:

Curtsy curl is lesser known exercise but a very effective workout to shape and tone down waist and hip areas. It is known to build on the muscles, strengthen the core and improve stability in the body.

  • Grab a dumbbell in one hand.
  • If you are starting with the left hand, shift the weight to left leg and cross the right leg behind left
  • Lower into lunge position through bending both the knees
  • Put your body weight mostly on the left leg
  • Slightly hinge forward from hips and reach dumbbell outside of left leg
  • Rise out of the lunge
  • Extend right leg to the side and straighten the left leg
  • Rotate torso to the right as left elbow bends to curl weight from chest
  • Return to start position and repeat
  • Turn to side and do three seats each side.


Rowing is a common yet very effective exercise routine to inculcate in order to tone down and shape waist line. It helps in improving the stamina and building posture through shaping the core. It strengthens the muscles and is well known to help with flexibility.

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells
  • Stand and keep right foot forward
  • Lower into a lunge position and hinge forward from hips
  • Make sure you keep your back straight
  • Reach dumbbells to feet and palms should face thighs
  • While you bend left elbow behind, open elbow to the side and pull weight infront of shoulder
  • As left elbow gets back to the floor, bend right elbow behind the body and switch both sides
  • Keep your abs tight
  • Allow torso to rotate slightly during rowing
  • Do three sets with 12 reps.

Reverse Crunches:

Reverse crunches are best workout to be inculcated in a workout routine which can help target fat near waist lineand muffin area in specific. They also help fat near belly sides. They are known to work wonders through increasing the strength in the body and toning down the muscles. They increase metabolism and promote flexibility, along with improving stamina. They help tone down waistline through the intense form of workout and improve posture too.

  • Lie down flat on the ground.
  • Be in a crunch position first
  • Place the feet on the ground and hands behind the head slowly
  • Pull in stomach to lift your feet off the floor once you slowly press your lower back.
  • Keep knees together
  • Bend the knees together to a 90-degree angle
  • Pull your knees inside towards the chest
  • Lift your shoulders off the ground
  • Use your abs to lift your head slowly and shoulders gradually (not your hands)
  • Slowly lower down your hip, shoulders, and legs
  • Stop in the position when your feet are above the floor
  • Do the same again
  • Repeat 15 reps each minimum at beginning level

How to Reduce Waist Size 2 to 4 Inches:

Never underestimate the lifestyle changes to aid in your efforts for weight loss. They help boost and accelerate weight loss along with your exercise routine. Here are some of the tricks, which can help you cut down on the waist fat effectively.

  • Avoid refined carbs and sugar. Nothing like the harm they do to our body. It helps to get rid of fat more quickly.
  • Reduce sodium intake. They tend to bulge your waist line. Salt also causes to retain water in your body.
  • Swap coffee with green tea. They help in metabolism and functions.
  • Take regular walks in short breaks. Nothing like their function to speed up digestion.
  • Cut down on alcohol as they help to cut down calories and sugar levels.
  • Set realistic expectation and don’t move away from your goals. Measure your weight regularly and follow diet and exercises regularly.
  • Wake up on time and work out for at least sixty minutes a day. there is nothing like an effective morning workout one can have.
  • Drink a lot of water. Have six to seven huge glasses of water every day.
  • Have lots of fruits and vegetables than junk food and baked foods. They are healthy and help with your balanced diet.

Reducing waistline requires patience and perseverance. It needs discipline and results are yours. Do not divert from the goals and keep a positive attitude. Work on the progress and you can achieve your target in no time!

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