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Flabby Back: 9 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat

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The fat that clings from the back side of the body can be as embarrassing as it can get. They are stubborn and undermine most of our fat loss efforts. Fat around the back side of the body is not easy to get rid of and are associated with low tolerance of carbs. What makes fat loss difficult here is also the fact that one cannot spot treat the fat stored in the backside. Exercise routine makes a huge change to reduce overall fat in the upper part of the body. Further, in case you have back fat, you are also prone to diabetes and PCOS.

So do you want to get fit and get a flat back? Here are a few effective exercises which help get rid of all the stubborn fat stored at the back part of the body. Read more to understand effective exercises to lose out back fat from the body in days.

How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast:

Don’t forget that exercise is not the only solution. One should always mix up and have a balanced lifestyle with exercise and diet precautions properly. Both together can deliver a fit and healthy body. Here are some of the helpful tips and tricks which can help boost up the process of getting rid of back fat quickly in an efficient manner.

  • Have a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Cabbage, cauliflower, bottle gourd, beetroot, spinach, radish are very good while promoting fitness.
  • Include proteins in your diet. Protein is very essential for improving health.
  • Have lots of whole grains such as oats, buckwheat, sorghum and so on.
  • Avoid bread, pasta, biscuits, cookies, alcohol,and fries. They do a lot of harm than good compared to what other foods do to you
  • Stick to your goals. Always have a log to maintain on what you eat and how much you work out. In this way, you can regulate your portions and promote healthy living
  • Start stretching often. Do not be in one position for long. Keep moving and have a regular exercise routine.
  • Focus on breathing while working out. Holding your breath is not as good as most of us opt to do.
  • Focus on habit than the result. Habituate a healthier lifestyle and results are yours gradually.
    Be positive. Do not lose out on hope and care for yourself.


Bridges are an effective workout exercise to stabilize the back muscles. They tone down the back and buttocks area through strengthening the muscles. It is high impact exercise which is difficult to perform but can lead to quicker results.


  • Lie on the back
  • Fold your knees to 90 degrees
  • Place feet flat on the ground and lift your buttocks
  • Make sure your back is in a straight line
  • Hold this position for a few seconds
  • Slowly lower yourself to the ground and return back to normal
  • Repeat this movement for 20 times to complete a set.


This workout is popular to reduce and bust fat near and around the back, lower back and belly areas. They are so effective in burning out all that excess fat and build healthy muscle, tone them down and endurance in the belly muscles and strengthen them. They help improve and promote the strength and posture. Through building muscles, they increase the strength and stamina of the overall body. Body flexibility is further improved through crunches which aid us to be fit in several ways.

  • Lie down flat on a mat.
  • Keep feet on the ground and knees bent to a certain extent
  • Lift your hands from the ground and place them behind your head
  • Inhale deeply and slowly
  • Lift your upper torso off the ground slowly and gradually and exhale
  • Inhale as you get down and exhale as you lift up again
  • Do this ten times as beginner and increase the intensity gradually
  • Repeat for two or three sets

Make sure you do not jerk your head while doing crunches as this may result in severe back and neck pain. Make sure you hold your hands above your head and do the steps of exercise.

Resistance Band:

Resistant bands are increasingly popular and famous as a flexible fitness equipment tool. They train your back and shoulder muscles effectively through building up on the core and improving posture. One can try several positions through resistance band. You can either sit and row through or stand and pull up the band focusing on your arms and side back. It is all up to you on what you may want to focus on that day.

  • Have a rowing session with resistance band
  • Increase and decrease the intensity between the rowing
  • Have a fifteen to twenty-minute session for 3-4 days a week

Hand Stand:

Hand stands are one of the most difficult yet effective forms of workout to strengthen back, shoulders, and core muscles. They work incredibly well and give faster results to reduce fat around the back portion in the body. They improve the posture through strengthening the muscles and the core. They also help with flexibility in the body.

  • Roll on to the side of the suitable wall to assist yourself with hand stand
  • Support your head and neck by pushing yourself gradually from the floor with your hands
  • Hold in this same position for a while
  • Lower pushing off from the wall slowly
  • As per your strength allowing you, press through your hands and shoulders to raise and lower yourself gradually


TYI help improves back and strengthen them. They help build up on core muscles and increase flexibility in the body. They also build up posture overall. Although seems to be difficult to be stable in this exercise, gradual sessions will help improve the position for this workout.

  • Lie down on your face on the ground
  • Engage with your back muscles and lift your chest up
  • Move your arms to form T position
  • Slowly move them into Y position
  • Then gradually move your arms too in I position
  • Repeat the same for around ten to twelve times
  • You can choose to grab dumbbells once you can be accustomed to the exercise


Pull-ups are an effective way to get rid of back fat in the body. They are difficult yet very effective in flushing out the fat. They help strengthen the core and muscles and in turn helps improve the posture of the body. Get it started and see the results quickly on how well you can achieve lean physique through this workout.

  • Fit a pull bar in your home. It is easy to find in most of the stores
  • Move towards the pull bar side for the exercise
  • Starting from the bottom, move and pull up slowly and gradually with your hands, shoulders and arms
  • Lower yourself gradually without keeping stress
  • Repeat the exercise as per your stamina in beginning stages
  • You can gradually choose to increase the reps as you build your position


Push-ups are quite popular in the workout regime for most of the gym goers. They work great to strengthen the back effectively through improving the posture. They tone down the backside in days. They also help to strengthen the chest and muscles. Although it looks quite easy, they are hard to maintain and perform and hence helps improve flexibility as well.

  • Lay on the ground backside
  • Slowly focus on back muscles and lower the chest to the ground
  • Push back up
  • Make sure your palms are placed on the flatter side
  • Make sure a point that you are pushing up with help of palm and feet fingers.
  • Repeat it for at least 20 times


Planks are another popular and quickest form of exercise to reduce back and belly fat effectively in days. They are well known to most of us at present-day, specifically for the fitness enthusiasts. The planks help focus and target on the fat around the abdomen, back, and belly area. They help to burst the fat around and build the stamina though improving posture and strengthening the muscles around the area. One can see noticing the results while inculcating plank in their regular workout routine from two weeks’ time only.

  • Place both your elbows on the ground
  • Then place your legs and hips resting on the floor
  • Raise the lower part of the body first, above the floor and make a straight plank position
  • You can also fold your other hand while one hand/elbow is placed on the floor
  • Lower again and repeat the same exercise once again
  • Do 15 reps each side with both the elbows at first and increase pace slowly

Jump Rope:

Nothing like skipping rope every day for fifteen to twenty minutes! It works wonders. They are old school ways, but are favourite for sports people for a reason! It’s a great method to work on back and muscles through strengthening the core and building physique. It helps improve stamina and build on the muscles in days.

  • Get a jumping rope
  • Make sure to do a session for fifteen minutes at least in beginning level
  • Do it at least for four times a week slowly

Goals are always attainable in case you are regular and consistent with your activities. Nothing is impossible as you may think; all you need is focus and belief in yourself that you can do it. Stick boards of motivation in your personal chamber and always make sure not to lose hope. Set concrete and realistic timelines so that you can achieve your goal gradually. Do not believe in sudden magic, gradual change is always a healthy change.

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