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Love Handles Fat: How to Reduce in 2 Weeks for Men and Women

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Having extra fat around the side of the waist and lower back? They are nothing but love handles. Also called as extra tire/spare tire, they are nothing, but body fat accumulated around those areas. The extra fat can pop out from those areas and can be extremely annoying for us. They may be as a result of several unhealthy habits such as junk food, alcohol consumption, and poor exercise routine or hormonal changes. However, it’s fortunate that there are exercises and a couple of precautions one can take to get rid of all these love handles.

Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles:

We hear you and this article gives you best exercises customized to reduce and get rid of love handles in a quick yet effective way. These exercises will help you get rid of love handles in days.

Bicycle Crunches:


Bicycle exercise and crunches is a popular and effective form of workout to reduce love handles and extra tires of fat. They give astonishing results through strengthening the core and muscles. They further also help to shape and tone down the muscles near abs area and lower back area through target based workout from here. It helps get rid of accumulated fat in the form of tires in your body. Inculcate this exercise in your routine for effective weight loss exercises.

  • Lie down on the floor on a mat in a relaxed position.
  • Place your hands both beneath your head or on the ground flat
  • Lift both the legs off the ground
  • Bend the knees or fold your knees
  • Bring first your right knee to your chest side and try to touch your left elbow. keep your left leg away
  • Now take away your right leg and bring in the left knee gradually near to your chest
  • Try and touch the left knee with the right elbow slowly.
  • Keep continuing this way as if you are peddling a bicycle
  • Repeat this for 30 reps on both the sides
  • Place the neck in a relaxed position to avoid neck pain

Plank Crunch:


This exercise is considered as one of the difficult forms of workout yet very effective to get rid of the love handles quickly. It emphasizes on the oblique area and improves the core strength tremendously. It also brings about the stability near the lower back region.

  • Lie sideways and lift your upper body with the help of a left elbow
  • Make sure that the legs are resting one over the other
  • Raise the hips and make sure hips, head and legs are in the form of a straight line
  • Place your right hand over the head and fold your elbow
  • Lift your right leg and bend the right elbow in order to touch both of them
  • Hold on for five seconds
  • Repeat the same for ten reps in each position

Toe Touches through one Hand:

Toe touches are the easiest form of exercise to get rid of love handles, but better not be fooled with this easiest task, it still stands as effective exercise. They target your lower abdomen and waist area. They tone down the muscles through increasing posture and stability.


  • Sit on the ground
  • Place your both legs wide and apart, make sure they are straight
  • Now while the left leg is away, touch your right leg’s toe with your hands through bending forward
  • Make sure you don’t bend your neck or lean forward
  • Make sure your legs and toes are facing the ceiling
  • Hold for five seconds and repeat the other side
  • Continue for ten reps on each side.

Side Stretches:

Side stretches are a common form of exercise routine. They are well known among beginners too in the form of warm-up exercise. They not only help get rid of love handles but also brings in relief for back and shoulder pain. They strengthen your muscles and improve the posture of the body.


  • Stand straight and still on the ground
  • Keep both your legs wide apart
  • Try and make sure your toes are placing opposite sides
  • While you rest one hand, bring the other hand on the top of your head and bend/stretch towards another side
  • Repeat the same with another side
  • Do 20 reps each side

Russian Twist:


Russian twist is one of the difficult exercises yet very effective to get rid of love handles or spare tires. They increase stamina and strength through developing posture and stability in the body. They are a target and hit the form of exercises to get rid of fat in the particular area/region in your body.

  • Get seated on our knees on the ground
  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Hold your hands both in front of your chest. You can also choose to hold a dumbbell or ball
  • Make your abdomen tight, lean backside slowly and lift feet few inches above the floor
  • Slowly twist the torso towards the left side and bring in the hands beside your left hip
  • Return back to the original position.
  • Repeat the same to the right. Turn your torso towards the right side and bring your hands towards right hip in order to complete one rotation
  • Do 12 reps (6 reps both side).



Planks are another popular form of workout one can chose to inculcate in their routine for helping to reduce love handles and belly fat. They are quite popular and are well known and trendy in the present day workout routines and schedules. They help target the fat around the belly area, mostly focusing on lower abdomen and tires areas. They also further help improve the posture of the body.

  • Keep your elbow first on the ground
  • Make sure to keep your legs and hips resting on the floor
  • Raise the lower part of the body above the floor at first
  • Move to a straight plank position
  • You can choose to also fold your other hand while one hand/elbow is on ground
  • Lower again
  • Repeat the same
  • Do 15 reps on both the sides

Side Squats:


Side squats help tone down the lower part of the body. They target around the waistline and thighs area. They are also well known to improve stamina and stability in the body.

  • Stand still on the floor and place your legs wide apart
  • Stretch your hands to the front
  • Sit on the left feet and fold on the knees
  • Make sure right leg is stretched on another side
  • Slowly get into the original position
  • Repeat the same on another side
  • Do 20 squats each leg
  • Make sure you place your upper body straight to avoid pains.

Front Bends:

Front bend exercises, although are seen as common form and known to all, help twist and turn the muscles near the abdomen. They help get rid of love handles through stress laid on the area while bending. It also is a great form of stretching to improve the posture and stamina

  • Stand on the ground and keep your feet apart
  • Make sure your feet are wide apart than your shoulders
  • Stretch your arms on the sides parallel to the shoulders
  • Breath in and bend the body forward to touch the left toe with the right hand
  • Get back to normal position and repeat another side
  • Three sets, ten times each should be done.

Knee Drops:

Knee drop is a simple yet effective exercise. It is generally done with a ball at home which is soft and o fluffy in nature. They help target to get rid of excess fat near the belly and lower abdomen area by applying stress in the same. They also help strengthen the core and muscles.

  • Lie down flat on the ground on a mat
  • Fold your knees and soles flat towards the wall in front
  • Hold the ball in between the knee areas
  • Stretch the arms parallel to the shoulder
  • Bend the knees slowly sideways and touch the ground
  • Keep the ball intact in between
  • Do it on the other side as well
  • Do it for 25 reps both sides for effective results

Exercises to Reduce Love Handles

Tips on How to Lose Love Handles Fast:

It’s all not about the exercise only. While exercise certainly helps to reduce and burn down love handles, one should also inculcate certain dietary and healthy habits.

  • Do not skip your exercise routine. Make sure you work out five to six times a week for 40 minutes a day for a minimum
  • Have high fiber food including breakfast, try switching to fiber foods
  • Nothing such as fresh fruits. Always cut down on junk food and swap them with fruits
  • Cut down sugar. This is global advice one can give to all those who want to inculcate healthy lifestyle and cut down fats in the body.
  • Skip out on all the baked and deep-fried foods. All the junk foods do no good to you and your lifestyle or body.
  • They tend to accumulate an excess of bad fat which brings in new complications only.
  • Have lots of water. Six to seven large glasses of water can certainly do wonders.
  • Do not stay hungry. It is never the secret to lose out the weight and burn fats.

Exercise, if can be augmented with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can do wonders to your body. So have a healthy meal every day and fill in your body with nutrition. Make sure you do not miss out on your exercise time. Supplement food with green vegetables, fiber foods, and fruits. This lifestyle can certainly help you to eliminate and flush out extra fat hanging in the form of love handles from the waist.

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