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Arm Fat: 9 Best Exercises for Building Bigger Biceps and Triceps

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Thicker arms with muscle fibers are adored and wished by everyone. Who does not want massive arms with biceps and triceps to show off and flaunt in the air? This article will help you build muscles and bigger biceps and triceps at home through best workouts which can lead to quicker results. They help turn on the muscle potential with thicker arms. This article hence will focus on arm exercises which can bring in workouts for biceps and triceps with dumbbells and similar workouts which can hit to maximum muscle fibers for growth.

Here is the list of top workouts for biceps and triceps.

How to Get Bigger Biceps and Triceps at Home:

While the above-mentioned exercises certainly will help you to tone down the muscles and bring them up to form biceps and triceps, further tips and tricks in lifestyle will help to aid the process. Below are a few lifestyle changes recommended for healthier and quicker results at home.

  • Give it time. Build biceps with time. Make sure you initially start performing them with the help of guidance to avoid injuries or complications
  • Have a lot of protein. Plenty of protein food will help augment your efforts. If you don’t get the required nutrition and healthy diet you cannot build the muscles up. They help in providing fuel to your efforts. Some of the excellent sources of protein includes eggs, fish, chicken,and tofu
  • Drink more water. Have six to seven liters of water every day
  • Have good fiber based foods and lean protein regularly
  • Do not over train. Many think that over working out will help form muscles but that is not a good option
  • Skip on junk foods and snacks. They do a lot of harm to your body. Do not overeat and binge eat.
  • Cut down on sugar and eliminate completely over a period of time. Sugar tends to cut off all the efforts we put in for muscles and tends to delay the results.
  • Have good sleep. Do not skip out on rest and work heavily. This may work against your goal and target. Instead, a good sleep is recommended every day.

Exercises for Biceps and Triceps:

Incline Bicep Curl:

Incline bicep curl will help you to focus only on biceps and triceps and do not bring in other muscles for sharing the pressure of workouts. The entire arm muscle only is worked on by turning wrists slightly and keeping both elbows pointed towards the ground. This exercise is a combination of a range of motions which helps build muscles in arms and get bigger biceps in days. The results can show quickly within a month of regular workout.

  • Sit on an incline bench
  • Hold dumbbell in both hands at arm’s length
  • Use biceps and gradually curl the dumbbell until it manages to reach your shoulder length
  • Lower them down slowly to your side and repeat the same
  • Do it for 10 reps at first and slowly increase the intensity and pace.

Diamond Press Ups:

Diamond press up will help tone down and build biceps through working on all heads of triceps. It also helps work on the chest and buildup arms. You can start to see the results within three weeks of your exercise.

  • Lie down on the floor with body straight
  • Form diamond shape with your hands
  • Lower body down slowly and chest should be almost touching the floor but do not lie on the floor
  • Press the body now back up position
  • Squeeze your chest and triceps at this time
  • Repeat this for ten reps each and do two sets in beginning and slowly increase the pace

Concentration Curl:

Concentration curl is one exercise which is popular to hit the heads of biceps for better performance and toned appearance. It focuses on arms flexors and works wonders in days to give quicker results.

  • Sit down on the bench straight and rest right side arm against right leg
  • Let the weight hang down
  • Curl the weight up and pause
  • Then lower the weight
  • Repeat with both the arms
  • Do for 20 reps each and two sets

Palm up Barbell Wrist Curl:

This exercise will help focus on forearms with giving care and toning them down. The stamina and grip will be improved which will help tone down muscles and form biceps and triceps.

  • Sit on bench and hold a barbell
  • Palms should face up
  • Rest forearms on knees area
  • Lower barbell to the ground as much as possible
  • Curl the wrist upside and pause
  • Inhale and exhale deeply
  • Slowly lower again
  • Repeat the same for ten reps every day and you can see results in days.

Javelin Press:

This exercise works wonders on focusing on triceps one arm at a time. Its adds posture and stability and helps activate small shoulder muscles and tone them down.

  • Hold a bar in the right hand above the shoulder level
  • Extend the arm and lift the bar above
  • Lower it back to shoulder
  • Repeat the same for fifteen reps each sides
  • You can begin to see the results from two weeks’ time

Twisting Dumbbell Curl:

This exercise works to bring twist for forearm and hits biceps and triceps hard to tone them and form muscles. It hits arms like no other exercise at one point in time.

  • Hold dumbbells on both sides
  • Palms should face each other
  • Use bicep to curl the dumbbells to shoulders
  • Alternatively, twist both arms to face the chest area as you start to lift them
  • Slowly lower dumbbells back
  • Repeat the same for ten reps each.
  • You can begin witnessing the quick results in a week’s time.

One Arm Triceps Extension Exercise:

This exercise will help build both the arms strength and add toned muscles and stability to the shoulders and elbow areas. It works on muscles by strengthening them down and improving posture.

  • Hold dumbbell in one hand
  • Hold it behind the head and with elbow bent, point it to the ceiling
  • Extend elbow until arm is straightly pointed
  • Dumbbell should be directly above you
  • Lower arm backside to starting position
  • Repeat the same for ten reps each side
  • You can begin to witness wonders within fifteen days time or half a month

Straight Bar Reverse Curl:

This exercise is not much popular however it works wonders to upper and lower muscles in the arms. This helps for bigger biceps and pushes the bicep muscle and makes it bigger. Hence it works for bigger looking arms quickly and tones them down.

  • Stand and catch a barbell at shoulder width
  • Make sure to work with grip properly
  • Flex the elbows and rotate barbell towards upwards
  • Use forearms until the both palms face out
  • Barbell should be in line with the shoulders
  • Return down and repeat
  • Make sure you catch the grip properly to prevent injuries
  • You can begin witnessing results in days

Lean Forward EZ Bar Curl:

This exercise helps to work on main flexor muscle, which is near the arms and fingers. This helps to improve grip and posture for bigger lifts and helps to tone down muscles and lift them up quickly. It further helps to strengthen the muscles down and tone them.

  • Hold straight the EZ bar in front of your thighs
  • Shoulder width grip should be maintained
  • Lean slightly forward and your torso should be around 30 degree to hips areas
  • Curl the bar slowly until your hands are near the shoulders
  • Squeeze the biceps
  • Lower gradually
  • Repeat the same for ten reps each, two sets
  • You can begin to witness gradual results in a month’s time

While the above mentioned exercises can change the way and help in muscle growth and biceps, lifestyle changes and a healthy balanced diet are required for better changes. Good food with protein and fiber-based content contribute a lot when compared to other food. Hence give it time, set a goal and target to achieve and work towards it regularly. Do not skip the daily routine and get lazy, rather work on focusing towards the target and achieve it within the stipulated time period.

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